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A medical library, large or small, which comprises medical journals, medical textbooks, or books which deal with matters subject to medicine or science, can also help to reduce the incidence of malaria. However, an increasing amount of science and research is available in medical journals, as a way of studying medicine without having to pay a lot of taxes and having an increased amount of time. In spite of public awareness of malaria outbreaks, scientific knowledge in science does not make sense (or ought to be) when one considers how important this knowledge was in helping to save the lives of thousands of people. Science, or more precisely the science that helps to alleviate malaria, is the research, analysis, investigation and analysis and study of the problem of malaria. The scientific literature and research papers can help to establish in advance knowledge of the cause of malaria, how to overcome it and how to increase it, to better understand it, to better understand how it spreads, and to be able to detect problems in it. The literature and research that goes into researching a treatment for malaria should consist of relevant publications for people interested in learning about it or research for people dealing with it. Research publications on malaria have mainly been written by scientists in the field but, because of a very short number of articles, researchers can be highly selective in what they publish from different research areas to a large number of public health issues and are better able than scientists at writing articles in the fields they work. Medical publications are collections of academic articles, and it is usually accepted to make medical publications available to all medical faculties. Medical journals are, therefore, a kind of social media repository. They are the repository of the news, their content, published papers and news related to the topic. The social media community has various mechanisms around the dissemination of news. The goal of this paper is to use a collection of literature to document the various mechanisms for public access and the various advantages for the government and the people which the social media community offers for their use. The aim of the study is to explore the mechanisms by which news media and other political propaganda on subjects which affect people's life is disseminated and for various reasons disseminated. The study will consider the following: 1) how the mass media, while being part of the official system, are influenced by the social media community and their attitudes to the news, and 2) how different media types affect the dissemination of news.