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Flexible Keto Crepes

These tender almond flour crepes are miraculous, staying flexible for days! They are great for sweet or savory recipes, and are perfect for all of your sugar-free fillings. We love them smeared with a little peanut butter or keto nutella. #grainfree #ketobreakfast #almondflour Source by dreamaboutfood

Easy Keto Churro Doughnut Holes Recipe!

A buttery keto doughnut hole dusted with cinnamon and your favorite sugar replacer. These churro bites make a perfect on-the-go breakfast or a sweet mid-afternoon snack. Doughnut cravings are legit. I love eating doughnuts with my morning coffee. Get the recipe today and make tomorrow’s breakfast a little brighter with your own Keto Churro Donut… Read More »